Welcome to NoonWoodWork!

Noon Woodwork is as, it's name suggests, a company obsessed with quality design, construction, installation and manufacture of unique, hand crafted items of furniture and renovations. Wood is the medium we use to achieve this,whether it is furniture or a sympathetic renovation/installation using new wood or recycled we let the character of the wood itself bring our designs to life by utilizing the natural features, color and texture differences. The age and origin of each handcrafted piece give it its own completely individual style. We use traditional and innovative methods to produce modern furniture with clean lines and cubical shapes. Our renovations and installations focus on sympathetically enhancing the exisisting structures already in place.

Our designs, whether it is furniture or renovation or installation of new flooring/terrace decks is always co-created, which means that the customer has a role to play in deciding the form and function of their piece(s). You, as our customer you are integrally involved in the design process, choosing the wood, the colour and finishing.

We want our products to be a talking piece for your home because ours is not a homogenised, mass produced product but one which you have helped to create and one that is not available anywhere else.

Our motto is “Furniture you Feel, Made for Life”. Both of these phrases have a double meaning, our furniture is tactile but it should also talk to you and embody a “feeling” and not only is our furniture built to last forever but it is made for your life and requirements.

So whether you are looking for “Chalet-Chic”, “Modern-Rustic” or “Urban-Comtemporary” Rob will work with you to create the ultimate showpiece for your home or home away from home.

Most of all our service is always friendly and co-operative so please feel free to call or email us with any questions or requests.