Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rob Stoeckel I was born and raised on a farm in South Australia, my father is a Carpenter and my mother was a Manager of a Building Supply company. Although I spent a lot of time in the carpentry workshop from a young age and enjoyed making things, I viewed this as a hobby. I embarked on a career in the Oil and Gas industry. Firstly as a Mechanical Technician and finishing 20 years later as a Project Manager (Planning), during this time I worked throughout Cental Australia in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable, it was at these times I pondered to myself "there has to be a better way". Love lead me to Switzerland and back to my roots. I have put to use the skills I have learned from my father, gaining a job as a furniture maker and designer. It was at this time I realized this was the field I was destined to work in and started my own company.

Today I am married with two boys, I see myself as a Designer and maker with wood as my medium, whether it is furniture, renovations or installations. Taking my father's advice "don't look at what you can see, see what you can make with what you have", together with an understanding of modern forms balanced with functionality, inovative construction techniques and finishes, I tailor my designs to the customer's needs and budgets.